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August 15, 2002

Breaking News! Iraq Attack

U.S. Sends Letters To All Arab Leaders In Region Saying We Have Deployed Troops and Weapons In Order To Attack Iraq. There will be no turning back!

Turkey Massing Troops On Iraqi Border

Weather As A Weapon!

Nearly Half The U.S. Suffers From Drought

Is Drought The Main Weapon to Force Humans Off The Land As The Plan Dictates?

Kansas Hit By 100-mph Winds

Weather Control

"Sinking" Pacific States Urge U.S. To Sign Kyoto Treaty

Record Heat Hits Massachusetts: Oregon

U.N. Report: Planet Is In Peril Because of Human Activity

U.N. Accuses U.S./Canada of Cleaning Up Environment At "Global Expense": Our living is "Unsustainable", code word for "destroy"

Human Sacrifice To The Gods Of Environmentalism

"Before Christ Could Come With His Disciples, Our Present Civilization Had To Die"

Current Catastrophic Fires Turning Ground To Glass, Destroying the Area And Ruining Small Towns As Well

Bush Defends Clinton-era "Roadless Forests"

Current Areas of Catastrophic Fires and Weather Damage Seem To Be Precisely Areas Illuminati Wants To Ban Human Activity!

Moving To New Global Economy?

United Airlines Warns of Bankruptcy

Murdoch's News Loses $6.27 Billion

France's Media Giant Loses $12 Billion

Ames Discount Stores Asks Judge For Approval To Close All 333 Stores Nationwide

IBM Cutting 15,000 More Jobs: Has 1/2 The Work Force of Just Two Years Ago

Is U.S. Economy About To Take The Plunge?

AOL Admits Accounting Problems

Privatizing Social Security Said To Still Be A Good Idea

Blaming Scandals On Clinton

West Nile Virus Now In Florida

One-Month-Old Snatched Baby Returned Safely

U.S. Army Offering Refractive Eye Surgery So Its Soldiers In The Field Can Eliminate Glasses and Contacts

Now Blind Men Can See!

Pressure On To Rehear Pledge Case At 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Stealthy Troopers Nab Speeders: Cops armed with speed guns dressed as construction workers

Public Defender Suspended After Allegedly Having Sex With Her Client, Accused of Triple Homicide

Convenience Store Owner: "No pants, exposed underwear, no service": "That's my law"!

Comic Book Gets Serious On Gay Issues

Iraq Attack Preparations

Israel Could Nuke Iraq If Attacked: Bible foretells God will use Israel to bring judgment on Arab nations

Bush Aide Says U.S. Cannot Ignore Saddam

Rice Details "Moral Reasons" To Depose Saddam

U.S. Promises Israel Several Days Notice Before We Launch Iraq Attack

Iraq To Return Treasures Looted From Kuwait in 1990

Iran Condemns "Misguided" U.S.: Nuke Program Grows In Secret

Saddam's Arsenal May Include "Dirty Bombs"

Extremist Islamic Leader Warns Britain Not To Attack Iraq

Closing The Book On Saddam As U.S. Preparations Reach Final Stage

Iraqi Opposition Leaders Meet With Bush As Final Stage of Planning Government After Saddam

Saudi Arabia No Longer Considered U.S. Ally

Opposition Group Says Iraq Has Nuclear Weapons

Smuggled Parts Sustain Saddam's Military

Lockheed's New Anti-Missile Now Ready As U.S. Readies Attack On Iraq

U.S. Signals Of Attack On Iraq Put Jordan In A Binding Quandry

Israel Kills Hamas Leader Said To Be Planning A "Mega-Terror Attack" -- Hamas Vows "Revenge"

Israel's Worsening Economy Keeps Immigrants Away: Gross Domestic Product Fell 2.9%

Israel Better Prepared For A Missile Attack From Iraq Than It Was In 1991: Air Force General

Arafat A Billionaire: Palestinian Women Selling Jewelry To Buy Food

Arafat One of Richest Men In World

Poorest Palestinians Get Red Cross Voucher

"Corruption Is Essence of Arab Regimes"

Germ Warfare More Advanced Than Previously Thought -- And Vastly More Deadly

An Activist's Vision Of Cloning

Medical Advance Could Bring Day When Human Sperm Are Incubated Inside Mice

Has Apple Developed "Faster Than Light" Chip Processor?

The Sorcerer of Sony: Making millions on selling Witchcraft To Kids

Catholic Church News

Rumors Continue To Fly As To Whether Pope John Paul II Will Retire

Vatican Confesses Passion About Film About John Paul's Early Life

As Cardinal Law Contines Testimony, Sandwich Priest Arrested On Charges of Rape of A Boy: Franciscan Brother Arrested On Charges of Raping Four Boys

Transcript Video Clips On Law's Deposition

Washington Redskins Suspend Partnership With United Way



August 14, 2002

Iraqi War Signs

U.S. Navy Issuing Tender Orders For Huge Roll-on Roll-off Ships Capable of Carrying Copters, Tanks, Other Heavy Equipment

U.S. Troops Land In Jordan To Protect Against Iraqi Invasion And Serve As Jumping Off Point In Attack On Iraq

Iraqi Germ Factory Said To Be Active

U.S. Doubts That Inspection of Iraqi Weapons Programs Would Work

Crucial Turkish Air Bases

Muslim Extremists Vow Holy War On U.S. If Iraq Is Attacked: This has been Illuminist Plan From The Beginning -- Archives

Iran Says U.S. Creating "War-Like" Tensions

Iraq Said Ready To Fight To The Last Palestinian

Catholic Sex Scandal -- More of the Same

Cardinal Law Admits: He did not check personnel file of Father Shanley

Law Admits: He Had Complaints About Father Shanley For 35 Years

Inadequate Controls On Pedophile Priests

Bishops Behind The Curve

Law Grilled For Hours About Sexually Abusive Priests Under His Control

Law Defends Bishop McCormack's Lack of Concern Over Father Shanley's Advocating Sex With Children

Sexual Abuse - Complete Coverage Including Revealing Videotapes

Biblical Examination of This Terribly Rotten Spiritual Fruit

Another Airlines Pilot Fired For Alcohol

IBM Cutting 15,000 More Jobs: Has 1/2 The Work Force of Just Two Years Ago

With Brain Implants, Blind Can Now See

Companies Rated As To How They Stand On Homosexual Policies

Brains Possess Inherent Ability To Know When People Are Lying To Them

World More Interconnected And Full Of Malice: Unintended Consequences Abound

How Mosquitos Can Spread West Nile Virus But Not HIV

Sex Offender Employed As Airport Screener Goes On Rampage At His Apartment Complex

Call For U.N. Intervention To Stop Starvation In Zimbabwe

Armed Gangs Firing On White Farmers

Will Our National Debt Bring Us Down?

Government Skilled At Mishandling Taxpayer's Money




"Mega" Terror Attacks Coming?

IDF Intelligence On High Alert For More Terror Attacks: "Mega Terror Attack" Feared

Saddam Gives $120,000 To Families Who Have Lost Sons In Intifada

Palestinian Way of Death: Grieving Americans Upset At Bush

Fatah Terrorist Leader Charged With Murder In Israeli Court

Arafat Is A Billionaire: Malnutrition Widespread Among Palestinian Children: While Arafat and his aides pocket millions

Arafat Worth $1.3 Billion: What That Amount of Money Could Do For His People

Arafat Said To Be Worth $11 Billion

Mid-East Economic Woes Deepen

Arafat's Nazi Connections

Why Arafat Has "Cheated Death" So Often

Israel's Gas Mask Kits To Include Iodine Pills To Protect Against Radiation

Wierd Weather

Flood Waters From Germany To Russia Force Evacuations - 40,000 Czechs Flee Prague, 200,000 Flee Nationwide

Flooding Is Worldwide!

Record Heat Wave Hits New York City

Oregon Suffering From 100 Degree Temperatures

U.N. Report: Planet Is In Peril Because of Human Activity: Ultimate Plan -- Archives

Bush's Anti-Terror Campaign Designed To Be In Compliance With U.N. Terror Campaign

From 9/11, Bush Based His Terror Campaign On U.N. Resolutions -- Archives

Feds Scramble To List Bio-Terror Holdings

Terror Fears Might Prompt Removal Of Nuclear Materials

Stock Market Slides After Fed Reserve Holds Interest Rates

Auto Sales Push Retail Sales up 1.2 Percent

Ames Discount Stores Asks Judge For Approval To Close All 333 Stores Nationwide

4-Year-Old Jessica Is Found And Is OK; Woman is in custody

Baby Abducted In Texas

Passion, Enthusiasm, and Sex Driving Spanish TV

Muslim Militants Planning Terror Attacks To Spoil India's Independence Day Celebrations

India To Introduce "Stealth Frigates" To Its Naval Arsenal: Russia designed them and built them!

Internet Romance Turns Bad: Brutal Murder Results

America Turned Into "Sissified Nation" Giving Up Liberty For Mere Promise of "Safety"




August 13, 2002

Hot Breaking War News!!

U.S. Navy Issuing Tender Orders For Huge Roll-on Roll-off Ships Capable of Carrying Copters, Tanks, Other Heavy Equipment


More Iraq War News

U.S. Troops Land In Jordan To Protect Against Iraqi Invasion And Serve As Jumping Off Point In Attack On Iraq

Middle East Sliding Into Regional War

Attack On Iraq May Have Begun!

Israel Prepares For Iraq Attack "At Any Moment"

Iraq Attack Seen To Be Trigger For World War III To Produce Antichrist

US may seize Arab airports by force to attack Iraq: Report

Sharon: Iraq Is Israel's Greatest Threat

Iraq Rejects U.N. Inspectors

Saddam Training Young Boys For Combat

Americans Cautiously Favor Iraq Attack

Senior Muslim Cleric Forbids Muslims From Aiding U.s. Attack On Iraq

New Peace Push For Sudan

Hidden Christian Holocaust In Sudan

Secret Underground River Discovered Under Sahara Desert: Called a "World Miracle"

Muslim Leaders Vow To Transform West

China Holding Dissidents In "Psychiatric" Wards Just As Soviet Russia Did

New Columbian President Declares Emergency As 100 People Die in Four Days

Woman Said To Handle Stress Differently Than Do Men

Eighth West Nile Virus Death: More cases spread throughout country

L.A. Cops Now Think Disappearance of 4-Year-Old Girl An Abduction, Not Drowning

Weight Watchers Earnings Up 58%

Surveillance Society News

Feds Open Up Total Tech Spy System

Airport Face Sanner Failed

Myth of Airport Biometrics

Surveillance Society Explained: Mark of the Beast Technology

Watching Your Every Move From Satellite

U.S. Borders No Safer Than Before 9/11

Canadian Court Ruling Sets Stage For Gay Marriage

Transgender Teens Killed On D.C. Street

Doner Yanks United Way Funding

Dead Concert Results In 400 Citations Issued: Garbage Bags of Drugs Seized

Militants Gun Down 12 In Meghalaya In India

After Years of Slaughtering Jews, Vatican Says It Will No Longer Try To "Evangelize" Them

Vatican Sets Jews Up To Be Deceived By Antichrist: Announcement Repudiates Jesus As Savior Of All Mankind

United Airlines On Financial Brink of Disaster

U.S. Airways Filed For Chapter 11: Gets Court To Approve Temporary Financing

American Airlines To Cut 7,000 Jobs

O'Neill: Economy Won't Fall Back

White House Defends Economic Forum

Human Cloning Said To Be Work of God!

World Court News

European Union Warns Against Giving Americans Immunity In New World Court

U.S. Supreme Court OK's Anonymous Free Speech

World Court Will One Day Strike Down U.S. Supreme Court Decisions!

Conservative Judicial Watch Gives World Court Credibility

U.S. To Begin Fingerprinting of Aliens


Latest Peace Plan Flounders

Palestinian Camp In Lebanon Erupts In Factional Fighting

Deterrance Tactics Against Terrorism Continues

Muslim Militants To Continue Attacks Against Israel

Saddam Bankrolling Jerusalem Arabs

High-Tech Fuel Pumps Planned For Trans-Israel Highway

Oslo Process Fiasco Has Cost Israel $8.5 Billion In Lost Economic Growth

New Anthrax Case: Spores found inside N.J. Mailbox

ACLU Begins Website To Fight Bush's TIPS Program

TIPS Program Is A Police State Tactic!

Rumsfeld Considering Sending Special Forces To Any Country In Which Terrorists Residing

Is America Really At War?

India Stepping Up Diplomacy To Establish Herself As Major Player In Region

Enron Executives Threaten To Swamp Employee Severance Deal Because They Want More Money

Floods Hit Europe Forcing Evacuation of Thousands

How Brain Can Recognize Cheating, Broken Promises

Pope Plans To Return To Rome, Not Retire In Poland

A Little-Noticed Anti-Abortion Victory




August 12, 2002

Iraq Attack

Has The War Against Iraq Begun? Turkish Commandos Seize North Iraq Airfield

War Preparations Furiously Continue

New E-Bomb May Be Used Against Iraq

Hamas Suddenly In Driver's Seat In Controlling "Quality" Terror Attacks

U.S. Opposition To Iraq Attack Is Said To Be Growing: Disinformation technique

U.S. Military Gears Up For Attack

Blair Ally Says Britain Will Join Iraq Attack Only If It Serves Britain's Interest: Another disinformation

Polls Show Most Brits Opposed

GOP Says Bush Needs To Make Case For Iraq Attack

Israel Waits

Israel Will Retaliate If Iraq Attacks Her With Missiles

U.S. Symbolically Breaking Ties With Arafat

Home Demolitions of Terrorist Families Deters Suicide Bombings, Says Israeli Official

Israel Slams Mubarak's Criticism Of Sharon: Egypt accused of interfering in Israel's internal affairs

Additional Aid To Israel In Doubt

Saudi Arabia May Have Nukes And Capability To Deliver Them

Delta Pilot Refuses To Fly Israeli Official, Ordering Him Off The Plane -- Third Israeli official so treated

Malnutrition Widespread Among Palestinian Children: While Arafat and his aides pocket millions

BMW Retracts Map Deleting Israel

San Jose Diocese Orders Windows To Be Installed In All Confessionals

Executive Nests Feathered As K-Mart Failed

Criminal Investigation Into K-Mart Accounting Practices

Target Finds Success In Low-End Designer Brands

Martha Can Run, But She Can't Hide

Goddess Worship In "Christianity"

Goddess Worship Highjacks Christianity: WND

"Twist of Faith" Reported This Years Ago

Cutting Edge Reported This Two Years Ago: Outcome Based Protestantism

Roman Catholic Goddess Worship Tying World's Religions Together

Jehovah's Witnesses Covering Up Sex Abuse?

Reagan's Health Deteriorating

Threat Prompts Heightened Security On Golden Gate Bridge

Terror Threat Overblown, Says One Expert

Morale Problems Reported At The Pentagon

U.S. Airways Filed For Chapter 11

Travelers Remain Unconcerned

Cloning Cattle With Human Antibodies!

Alarm Expressed Over Hormone Disrupting Chemicals That Can Change Gender

Pope Backs International "Peacekeeping Force" In Israel

International Observers For Middle East? Major nations voice support

Pope John Paul II Signed Accord With Arafat That Calls For Internationalization of Jerusalem!

Freemasons Plan To Rebuild Solomon's Temple, The Prophesied Temple of Antichrist: This is one of the major driving forces of events right now

Tax Revolt Brewing In Massachusetts?

Fathers Who Are Religious, Educated, and Live Within Regular Family Are Best, Study Says

CDC: West Nile Virus Emreging As Major Health Threat Coast-to-Coast

Victims Are Getting Younger

School Voucher Battle Spreads, Intensifies

Federal Reserve Grabs Spotlight As Debate Rages Over Further Interest Rate Cut This Week

DVD Sales May Spark Digital Television

Doctor Denies Anthrax Ties

Lost Kids Easily Found By Newspaper After Florida Officials Cound Not Locate

Taiwan Seeks U.N. Membership As Equal With China: Will prolong and intensify China Pressure

Ultimate In Greed: Surgeon Leaves Patient On Operating Table While He Goes To Deposit Check

New Areas of Black Water Appear Off Florida Coast: Will Environmentalists Blame "Human Activity"?

Pollution Haze In Asia


August 11, 2002

Iraq Attack

Has The War Against Iraq Begun? Turkish Commandos Seize North Iraq Airfield

New E-Bomb May Be Used Against Iraq

U.S. Is Making Serious Mistake In Iraq

Iraq Attack Said To Begin World War III

Israel Will Respond To Iraqi SCUD Missile Attack

Iraq: "An Enemy Until Proven Otherwise": Bush

U.S. Wants To Establish Democracy In Iraq

Rumsfeld Dreams Of Ousting Saddam

Pictures of New Huge U.S. Airbase To Be Used In Iraq Attack

Kurdish Guerrillas Poised To Fire

Israel Sells Attack Drones To Turkey

U.S. "Overreacting To Terrorism" In A Substantial Way, Says Expert

India's "Air Force One" Could Have Nuclear Strike Capability

TIPS Spy Program Delayed

Oregon Fire Now Largest In State History - 334,000 Acres

Federal Reserve May Cut Interest Rates Next Week

Big Risk If Bear Market Ends With A Bang

Return To Catholic Morality?

Catholic Bishops Call For Rare Council To "Reaffirm Moral Teachings" -- First such Plenary Conference Since 1884

Catholic Priests Have Struggled With Moral Disaster For Past 900 Years: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Using Inquisition Threat To Gain Sex In 1710

1,200 Years of Catholic Inquisition Perfect Picture of Catholic Morality: What Kind of "Church" Is Rome?

Sexually Abusive Priests Still Protected, Allowed To Stay, In Religious Orders -- Nearly Unanimous Vote

Catholic Colleges Struggle To Find Way To Deal With Sexually Active Students

Violence on TV, and Video Games Producing Meaner, Less Trustful Children

12-Year-Olds Working As Prostitutes

Muslim Groups Threaten Miss World Pageant

Israel News

Can A Holocaust Against Jews Happen In America? Call for American Jews to return - Zechariah 10:1-9 being fulfilled? Is God "hissing" for His people to return to Israel as a beekeeper hisses for his bees to return to the hive?

Mother of Two Slain, Husband Wounded In Jordan River Valley Attacks

U.S., Egypt, Jordan Will "Guide" Palestinian "Reforms"

CIA's Tenet Meets With Palestinian Leader

Trying To Cool The Volcano Of Hatred -- Culture of Hatred Building and Expanding

Sunday Morning War Wrap-Up

Despite Appearances, Israel Is Winning Terrorist War Against Palestinians: Daniel Pipes

Can Israel Wave Two Flags?

UN World Summit on Sustainable Development Meeting Convening In Johannesberg May Prove Forum To Bash Israel

U.N. Says Asian Brown Pollutant Cloud Threatens Global Farming, Rainfall

Two More Die Of West Nile Virus

Size of Outbreaks Likely to Taper Off -- Health Experts

Communist Party Said Arising In South Africa: But Mandela was always a Communist!

White Farmers Resist Mugabe's Orders To Vacate Their Beloved Farms

Mugabe Will Not Change His Policies

Internet Pornography Ring Smashed: Some Abused Their Own Children To Get Pictures!

Disgraced Ex-Evangelist Indicted On Child Pornography Charges

Park Ranger Killed In Shootout

Bush Administration Issues New Medical Privacy Regulations, But Leave "Substantial" Loopholes, and Weaker Protections Than Sought

Martha Stewart Told ImClone Stock Was Going To Plunge -- Insider Trading Scandal Unfolds

Franklin Steps Out From Shadow of Father

The Truth About Franklin Graham



August 10, 2002

Cheney, Iraq Opposition to Talk

Oil Firms Fear Saddam Wrath if US Attacks

Bush consulting allies about Iraq
President says no timetable for action

In Response to Suicide Bombings, Israel Tries Targeting Entire Families

Attacks in Pakistan Linked
Officials Tie Strikes on Western Targets to Al Qaeda, Taliban

Airlines told to watch for impostors
Thieves take uniforms; crew members report being stalked

They know where you go
New monitoring system worries Bay area drivers

'E-bomb' could get 1st use in Iraq
U.S. weapons designed to attack electronic systems, not people

Exxon Mobil profit falls 41 percent

Russia Hides Information That Could Save Lives in War on Terror

Saddam's Plan to Defeat U.S.
Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has told underlings he aims to defeat any U.S. attack by avoiding desert warfare and fighting in major cities, where civilian and American casualties would be highest, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

U.S. States to Expand Fight Against West Nile

Hot Summer May Be Behind West Nile Outbreak in U.S.

Rare flesh-eating bacteria kills fisherman

Torrential Rains Kill in Europe

Ukraine Resolves to Integrate With Europe

Huge theft with 9-11 computer glitch
More than 100 people stole $15 million from a credit union by taking advantage of a computer glitch caused by the Sept. 11 attack, authorities said Monday.

U.S. Catholic bishops calling for rare council
Want unified reaffirmation of moral teachings,
last such plenary was held in Baltimore, 1884





August 9, 2002

Deadly Viruses In The News

Second Case of West Nile Virus In Illinois

Hot Weather May Be Behind Outbreak of
West Nile Virus

Environmentalists Filing Lawsuits To Keep Cities From Spraying To Combat Mosquitos: People will die from this nonsense!

U.S. Contracts Firms For Vaccine Production

States Receive Aid To Fight West Nile Virus

U.N. Probes Deadly Madagascar Virus

Man Dies of Mad Cow Disease

Victims of West Nile Getting Younger

Iraq Attack Plans Proceed

Bush Will Act Alone If Necessary

Saddam Plans to Draw U.S. Troops Into His Cities

U.S. Upgrades Qatar Base For Use Against Iraq

U.S. Consults Iraqi Exiles Over Saddam

Saddam: Coffins Await The Enemy: Appeals To Fellow Muslims To Rally Around Him

U.S. - U.K. Prepare Logistics In Region For Attack

Attack Might Fuel Nuclear Scenario of Which We Are Afraid

Iraq's Air Defenses Upgraded To One of World's Best With Aid From China

Saudi Arabia Attacks U.S. "Christian Extremists"

Earth's Gravity Significantly and Mysteriously Changing!

Environmentalists Suddenly Upset By One of Their Own Creations: The Ugly Windmill

Complaints Now Heard That Medical Bill For Last Two Years of Life Is Too High, "Excessive"

Hitler Made Great Use of This Claim As He Prepared Germany For The Holocaust -- History may be repeating itself

"Death Kits" In Australia

Sharon's Florida Appearance Setting Off Fireworks In Governor's Race

Al Qaeda Massing For New Fight

Halt Pork Barrel Spending!

Einstein's Theory of Relativity Hits Speed Bump, Shows Evolutionary Theory As To How Matter Formed Is "Completely Wrong"


Back To School

Why Christians Are Losing America

The Stark Truth About Public Schools

Study of the Holy Land: Stones of Image: Great Home Schooling Resource

Protecting Children By Pulling Them Out of Public Schools

Anti-Public Education Sentiment Growing

Israel Fighting For Her Life

Israel Faces "Mega-Terror" Attacks

85% Of Americans Back Israel

Suicidal Street

To Fight Terrorist Attacks, Israel Now Targeting Entire Palestinian Families

Palestinian Way of Death

Arab-Against-Arab Terror In Lebanon

Sharon Calls Palestinian Authority A "Terror Posse"

Graham Speaks Out On Islam

Left-Wing British Jews Give Up Their Israeli Citizenship

Saddam Says One Day He Will Celebrate Israel's Defeat With Palestinians

Jewish M.K. Visits Temple Mount To Protest Israel's "Discrimination"Against Jews, Christians

Another Deadly Attack In Pakistan Against Christians: Hospital attacked, killing 3 nurse missionaries

Boy, 10, Arrested In Fatal Shooting

Walls May Be Closing Around Martha Stewart

FCC Orders All TV's To Be Digitial By 2007

Airport Security Makes Mom Drink Own Breast Milk to Prove It Wasn't Dangerous Fluid

Theft of Government Property Skyrockets

QWest Bankruptcy Feared

WorldCom Loses More Billions

Catholic Religious Orders Refuse to Oust Sexually Abusive Priests

Catholic Priest Paid Boy For Sex In Rectory On Numerous Occasions


August 8, 2002

Catholics In Continued Crisis

Scourge of Celibacy: Boston Globe

Judge To Consider Whether $30 Million Sex Abuse Settlement Is Binding On Boston Archdiocese

Faith, Hope, Rage, Resolve: Why Catholics simply Find It Difficult To Leave Church

Forced Celibacy IS "Doctrines That Demons Teach"!

N.H. Priest Calls For Law's Resignation

Pope Removes Sexually Abusive Priest

Stocks Roar Back

U.S. Interest Rates Could Plunge To 1930's Levels!

Cisco Profits Higher Than Forecast

Iraq Attack News

Rush Limbaugh Says 9/11/02 Would Be Great Date To Attack Iraq: Saddam's Son Has Been Saying This For Months

Saddam Warns Against Attack: Ready for dialogue, prepared for war -- Attack Might Fuel Nuclear Scenario of Which We Are Afraid

Joint Chiefs Now Unanimously Supportive Of Iraq Attack Plan

"Anyone Who Attacks Will Die": Saddam

Saddam's Likely Tactics

Iraq War Neither Imminent Nor Inevitable, Says British Official: Could be planned disinformation

U.S. - U.K. Prepare Logistics In Region For Attack

Who Will Rule When Saddam Is Gone? Kurdish leader says he will not blindly support U.S.

Saudi Arabia Officially Denies U.S. Use of Her Soil To Attack Iraq

U.S. Military Readies For Iraq Attack

Saudis Blame Jews For Hostile Article

Two U.S. Military Laptop Computers Disappear!

Egypt Cracks Down On Islamic Militants To Defuse Opposition Prior To Iraq Attack

Vigilante Neighbors In Court Over Branding Child Molester With Red Hot Spatula

Creating Sodom One Young Child At A Time

Gay Roles In Comic Book Story Lines Grows

Gay League: Fan Site For Gay Comic Book Readers And Creators: Parents need to understand how comic books might be reaching their children with Gay - Lesbian messages

Personal Privacy Gone!

In-Store Cameras, Pressure-Sensitive Floors, Put End To Retail Privacy

Facial Recognition Software So Dangerous That Maker Calls For Federal Regulation

End To Personal Privacy: Mark of Beast: Privacy Already Gone With Current Technology

Being Watched 24 Hours A Day

Feds Open "Total Tech" Spy System

West Nile Virus Spreading In U.S., Death Toll Rising

AIDS Drugs Slowly Losing Effectiveness

Alternative To Arafat Is Chaos: Palestinian Minister

Palestinians Accepts Israeli Withdrawal Plan: But Now Complain Israel Changed Pullout Terms

Western Union Restores Israel To Its Maps

Number and Complexity of Terror Attacks Expected To Increase

Senior Iranian Cleric Calls For More Suicide Attacks: Problem Is Not Just With Palestinians

Execution In Arafat's Compound: Eyewitness

Bomb Rock Columbian Capital Around Presidential Palace and Parliament: 14 Killed

Martha Stewart's Image Further Tarnished With Indictment of Founder of ImClone

Islamic Jihad Warriors Advancing On Indosenian Christian City of 65,000

Follow Christian Persecution Around The World

Goddess Worship In "Christianity"

Goddess Worship Highjacks Christianity: WND

"Twist of Faith" Reported This Years Ago

Cutting Edge Reported This Two Years Ago: Outcome Based Protestantism

Roman Catholic Goddess Worship Tying World's Religions Together

Florida Law Requires Mothers Who Do Not Know Father's Identity of Children To Post Their Past Sexual History In Newspaper

Westin Hotel Closes To Public So It Can Host Pornography Convention

Einstein's Theory of Relativity Hits Speed Bump, Shows Evolutionary Theory As To How Matter Formed Is "Completely Wrong"




August 7, 2002

Israel Battles Terror, Prepares For War

Israel Rushes To Prepare For Weapons of Mass Destruction Attack

Expert Urges Entire Population to Be Vaccinated Against Smallpox

Israel Considers Re-establishing Military Rule In Palestinian Territories As Means of Preventing "Mega-Terror Attack"

Rumsfeld: Israel Cannot Transfer Control of Territory To Palestinians

Israeli Tanks, Helicopters On Move In Gaza

Bush Seeks Signs of Reform In Palestinian Ministers: Might as well wait for the Sun to stop shining!

Terror Driving Israelis Further Radical, Further To the Political "Right": Poll Indicates: C/Edge Predicted This In October, 2000

Israel Warns Al Qaeda Operating Through Hamas

FBI Investigating Hebrew University Terror Attack

Rumsfeld Pushing For More Agressive Action Against Terrorists

U.S. Rushes To Prepare For Iraq Attack

Bush Reviews Further Military Options Against Iraq

U.N. Rejects Iraq Proposal

U.S. Reassures Saudi Arabia After Negative Report, Below

Saudi Arabia, Our Major Enemy In Terror: Pentagon Recommends Ultimatum, Followed By Seizure of Oil Fields and Other Assets

China Warns Taiwan of Imminent Military Attack

Seeing The Baby Move In The Womb

Parents Can Now Watch Baby Move In Womb: New 4-D Technology

Abortionists Need To Be Forced To Show Women This Photography Before Abortion Decision Is Finally Made!

Pakistani Terrorists Suspected of Christian School Massacre Commit Suicide As Police Close In

Australian Medical Researchers Using Aborted Babies In Research Already!

Goddess Worship In "Christianity"

Goddess Worship Highjacks Christianity: WND

"Twist of Faith" Reported This Years Ago

Cutting Edge Reported This Two Years Ago: Outcome Based Protestantism

Roman Catholic Goddess Worship Tying World's Religions Together

White Land Owners Urged To Ignore Orders To Vacate Their Land In Zimbabwe

North Carolina Protects Gun Makers

Former CNN Chief Reveals U.S. Has A Secret Army And That We Are Just A Step Away From Police State

U.S. Interest Rates Could Plunge To 1930's Levels!

U.S. Airlines Reduces Fares On Some Business Flights By Up To 30% to Lure Back Business Traveller

Diseases Across The Globe

Illinois Sees First Case of West Nile Virus

West Nile Claims 5th Victim In Louisiana

U.S. West Nile Virus Matches Israeli Strain: Experts do not know how virus jumped ocean

Hundreds of Prairie Dogs Infected With "Tularemia": Disease Capable of Transmitting To Humans

Australian Hospitals Jammed As Parents Panic Over Meningococcal Outbreak

Twins Joined At The Head Successfully Separated, But One Had To Be Rushed Back Into Surgery

Cardinal Law's Testimony Given In Father Shanley Trial to Be Released Today By Judge's Order

Father Shanley's Shameful Record: Piously saying Mass by day, managing Gay Resort by night

Creating Sodom One Young Child At A Time

Gay Roles In Comic Book Story Lines Grows

Gay League: Fan Site For Gay Comic Book Readers And Creators: Parents need to understand how comic books might be reaching their children with Gay - Lesbian messages

Bush's Citizen Spy Network Takes Shape

Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa Supports Bush's TIPS Program

Neighborhood Truck Drivers, Utility Drivers, Train Conductors Will Be Turned Into Spies Against You

"Friendly" Community Spies

Spirit Airlines Announces All Flights on This 9/11 Will Be Free

Presence of Air Marshals To Remain A Secret

Drunk Pilots Caught By Surveillance Cameras

Your Privacy -- And Mine -- Is Gone! More Info

Mark of the Beast Technologies

Congress Choosing to Overlook Its Own Scandals

Bush Signs "Fast Track" Trade Bill: Giving Bush This Much Power Greatly Aids Move To Global Economy

N.Y. Mets Accused Baseball Commissioner of "Cooking Books"

You Can't Believe What Mass Media Is Telling You!

Digital Fakery Strikes Radio Industry

CBS News Used Fake "News" During Iraq War of 1991

News Is Designed To Discourage You! Even if they have to fake it



August 6, 2002

Conditioning For Iraq Attack Continues

U.S. Rushes To Prepare For Iraq Attack

Israel Produces Enough Smallpox Vaccine For Her Entire 6.6 Million Population: Fears Iraq may retaliate for U.S. attack

Congress Likely To O.K. Hit On Iraq

Bush Reviews Iraq Attack Plan With Top General and Advisers

German Leader Again Says "NO" to Attack On Iraq

Saddam Invites Congressmen To Iraq

U.N. Chief Warns Against War On Iraq While Israel, Palestinian Violence Continues

Iran Warns: Attack On Iraq Will Destabilize Entire Region: Bush Policies Push Iran To Support Iraq

U.S. Rejects Iraq Inspection Offer

Britain: We Should Keep Clear of "Bush's War"

U.N. to Send Weapons Clarification Letter To Iraq

U.S. Warns Europe to Also Build Up Oil Reserves Stock to Protect Against Mid-East War Shock

Disney Theme Park Business Down So Much Moody Puts Stock On "Review": Too many "Gay Pride Days" have caused decent families to stay away!

Dow Jones Tumbles On Economic Worries

Big Firms Face Day of Reckoning On Aug 14

Mom Sues Public School For $1.5 Million For Not Allowing Son To Write Letter To Jesus

Public Schools No Place For Christian Child

Lab Cracks Key Letter In Body's Insulin Code

Afghan Drug Lords Have Last Laugh

Personal Identification News

Irish Citizens Traveling to U.S. Must Have Microchip In Passports

Smart Chip Technology Comes To Supermarkets

Japan Assigns 11-Digit Personal Number To Every Citizen

Harps, Trumpets Welcome Newest Druid: Archbishop of Canterbury finally reveals final end of all apostates

America West Pilots Accused of Drunkeness Grounded Until Their Trial

Outdated Radios Led to 120 Firefighters Deaths At World Trade Center: Guilliani blamed

Al Qaeda May Be Stealing Your I.D.: Stealing credit cards

Oil Reserves of UAE To Last 150 Years

Wal-Mart's Global Purchasing Center Moved To Major Chinese City: Whatever happened to "Made In America" TV campaign?



Saudi Arabia, Our Major Enemy In Terror: Pentagon Recommends Ultimatum, Followed By Seizure of Oil Fields and Other Assets

Saudi Arabia Blacklists 200 Firms For Violating Her Ban On Israeli Products: Genesis 12:3 still holds!

Israel, Palestinians Hold Talks Even As Violence Surges

More Bombs Discovered: To have been used in Jeruslam terror attacks: Update

10,000 Palestinians Rejoice In Streets Over Deadly Terrorist Attack

Israeli Citizen Grieves Over Loss In Terror Attack

Israel Tightens Travel Restrictions, Affirms Her Right To Self-Defense

U.N. Passes Perfectly Meaningless Resolution Urging Israel To Withdraw From "Occupied" Territories: More Details

"Zionism Is Racism" Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Isaiah 28:16; 66:8 Prophecy of Israel Reborn; Joel 2:32; Obadiah 17; Micah 5:11-13; Zech 8:2-3. God is #1 Zionist!

Israel To Call Upon Those 41 Years and Over For Reserve Duty!

Israel's Strategy In This War of Attrition Splits Country

Annihilate Hamas: Editorial

Slow Progress On Israel's Security Fence

Arab Terrorist Dies In "Work Accident" As Bomb Detonates Prematurely

Israel To Import Water From Turkey

Malnutrition Stalks Palestinian Residents of Gaza

Bush Administration To Aid North Korea In Building Nuclear Power Plant!

Disinfectant Failed To Protect Against Legionnaires Disease In Britain

Prosecutor to Seek Death Penalty In Slaying Suspect Of Little Samantha Runnion

Slouching Towards Sodom: Law Protecting Transsexuals Is Advancing

Bible Reading Prisoners Win Lawsuit: Silently read Scripture in protest of homosexual "training session"

Family Killed In Dallas: British perspective

Firearms: A Civil Liberties Issue?

TV Getting More Graphics

Hiroshima Marks Anniversary of Atomic Bombing

College Seeks Security In Thumb Identification

"Minority Report" Portrays Future Advertising In Our Increasingly Invasive Society

"Minority Report": Analysis


August 5, 2002

Mid-East Disaster Unfolding

Seven Palestinian Terror Attacks In One Day -- Sunday, 8/4/02!!

Why Is Sharon Delaying Taking Decisive Action Against Arafat?

Arab Gunmen Ambush, Kill Couple and Wound Their 3-Year-Old Son

Terror Attack In Israel: 10 People Die In Bus Attack: Pictures tell the story

Thousands of Palestinian People Celebrate In Streets As Word of Terror Carnage Is Received

Bus Attacks Common As Terrorists Can Mingle Freely With Passengers

Bomb Laded With Nails Used On Bus

Hamas Vows To Carry Out More Terrorist Attacks

Israel Freezes Movement In West Bank

Jordan's King Abdullah Secretly Working For Saddam: Thought to be close U.S. ally

Sharon Calls Off Meeting With Palestinian Leaders But Still Eases Conditions of the People

Security Poor At Shopping Malls

Bush Calls For International Help In Fighting Terror: Saudi Arabia Said Aiding Palestinian Terror Machine

Chinese Dictator Zemin Said To Be Planning On 5 More Years Despite Retirement Talk

Five Dead, One Wounded, In Dallas Family Shooting

U.S. Loans $1.5 Billion In Short Term Loans To Try To Stablize Country

Court Issues Injunction Against Abortion As Father Says He Wants To Raise Child

Tissue From Aborted Babies To Be Used In Stem Cell Research In Australia

White House Visited Again, Reading "Slaughter of Children: Sure Sign of the End"

White House Read This Article On Cutting Edge Yesterday! Written in 1997

Christian School In Pakistan Attacked: Five Murdered

Christians Massacred In Pakistan

Mid-East Disaster Unfolding - 2

Fresh Signs of Impending War

Iraq Said Close to Using Biological Weapons

Iraq Attack Said To Begin World War III

Scowcroft, British Field Marshall, Warn Bush Not To Attack Iraq: Not linking him to 9/11 could set off conflagration in Middle East

Iraq To Launch Unconventional Warheads Against Israel When U.S. Attacks: Israeli Intelligence

In Congress, Sentiment For Iraq War, But Not So Fast: Wants advanced notice beforehand

Pressure Mounts On Blair For Iraq Attack

Weak U.S. Case Against Iraq

Official Iraqi Press -- Called "Babel" -- Hits Back At U.S. Plans For Attack

U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Won't Return To Iraq Unless His Inspectors Returning First: Biden Says War Is Necessary

Pakistan President Doubts Osama Was 9/11 Attack Mastermind!

Germany Won't Support Iraq Attack

TNIV Bible Now On Shelves: Serious gender blurring and other offenses against God's Word

British Legionnaires Cases Skyrocket To 47

British E-Coli Outbreak Reaches 14

Preventing West Nile Virus: Western States Discover Virus -- Texas -- Massachusetts -- Connecticut

Teen Arrested As He Burned Material Off Shoe With A Lighter While Onboard Plane

Man Arrested As He Jumped Ticket Counter In Buffalo Airport

247 Canadian Passport Blanks Stolen!

Murdered Army Wives Wanted Divorce

Archbishop To Be Inducted As A Druid

Anti-Homosexual Episcopal Reverend Fired

Zimbabwe Completing Action of Kicking Out White Farmers, Seizing Their Farms: Famine Looms



August 4, 2002

Mid-East Disaster Unfolding

Seven Palestinian Terror Attacks In One Day -- Sunday, 8/4/02!!

Jordan's King Abdullah Secretly Working For Saddam: Thought to be close U.S. ally

New Terror Attack In Israel: 10 People Die In Bus Attack

Bomb Laded With Nails Used On Bus

Another Terror Attack: Terrorist starts shooting at Damsacus Gate in Old City of Jerusalem, Killing Three, Injuring 11

Large Bomb Found In Gaza Strip

Map Of Israel With Key Recent Terror Assaults Noted

History of Palestinian Terror Attacks

Israel Begins Planning For Post-Saddam, Post -Arafat Era

Powell Skeptical of Iraqi Offer: Bush Dismisses Iraqi Offer

Saddam Plans To Equip Palestinians With Biological Weapons

A Vacuum As The World Awaits U.S. Iraq Attack

Bush Rejects Blair's Call For Mideast Deal Before Iraq Attack

U.S. Will Alert Israel Before Iraq Attack, Securing "Maximum Cooperation"

Iraq Announces "Significant Scientific Accomplishment", Says Iraq Now Has Capability To Counter U.S

Rash of Abducted Kids

Anxious Parents Rush To Log Kid's Data: Child identification in real demand

Abducted Girls Fought For Their Lives

12-Year-Old Chinese Girl Turns Up Safe

Inflammation Larger Problem Than Heart Attack: May actually trigger heart attack

Teen Charged In Fort Bragg Murder of Army Major: Wife also charged with murder

Disney Buys Rights To Coal Miner's Story With Grants of $150,000 Each

Lesbians Kissing During WNBA Games Protest

Homeschoolers Pushing For More Freedoms

Propaganda To Destroy Industrial Civilization

Green, Mean Anarchy Machine: Wants to destroy "civilization on stolen lands", top Illuminist Goal

"Rewilding" Project Long Been Top Secret Goal

Must Control Enviro-Extremists

U.N. "Biodiversity Atlas" Details Supposed Impact of Human Beings on Mother Earth

Planned Destruction of Our Industrial Civilization

Disease In The News Again

10,000 May Be Infected With West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus May Be Mutating

"Killer Bug" Grips Britain: Death Rate Can Be One In Seven

Center of Town Empties On News Of Legionnaire's Disease

Global Warning On Legionnaires Disease

Oregon Firefighters Report Progress

Seven People Charged With Murder In Mob Killing

Taiwan President Calls For Island Independence, Likely To Incur China's Wrath

Do-It-Yourself Suicide Kits Made Available In Australia: "Exit Bag"

Government Lying To Provoke War

Gulf of Tonkin Incident Did Not Occur! Government lied to us "big time" to justify Vietnam War in which 58,000 men died needlessly

Operation Northwoods Proves Government Does Plan Events In Order To Justify Action

Muslim Law: Nigerian Woman About To Be Executed for Having Child Outside Wedlock

Muslims Outraged In Indonesia: Free Sex Normal In Universities

FBI Sting Nets Over 7,000 U.K. Pedophiles

Boy With Rare Cancer Gets Wish: Parents Marry!


August 3, 2002

Judge Orders Justice To Release Names of All People Detained After 9/11 Attack

Original Article In Which We Sounded The Warning That People Were Disappearing!

Louisiana Declares West Nile Virus Emergency

"Killer Bug" Grips Britain

Saddam Said to Be Arming Palestinians With Biological Weapons: C/Edge Reported This One Year Ago

U.N. Rejects Iraq Offer To Let Weapons Inspectors Back Into Country

Iraq Announces "Significant Scientific Accomplishment", Says Iraq Now Has Capability To Counter U.S

Powell Dismisses Iraqi Offer To Let U.N. Inspectors Back Into Country

Russian Response Warm To Saddam's Offer

Invading Iraq Said To Be In Our "National Interest"

Protecting Against Predatory Priests

Bishops Propose Rare Council To "Get At Root Causes" of Sex Abusing Priests

Biblical Examination of "Root Causes"

Hudson Priest Focus Of Investigation of Sex Abuse Allegations

Church Confirms Bankruptcy Option

Cardinal Law Forced To Backtrack On Settlement Wording: More

Catholic Protest Group Stirs Up Controversy

Doctor Filmed Himself Sexually Abusing Patients

SEC Broadens Its Probe Of AOL-Time Warner

Bush Signs Emergency Funding Bill

Nevada Considers Legalizing Marijuana

Bomb-making Information Easily Found On Web

Clinton Says He Would Fight, and Die, For Israel

"Gay Gene" Is Junk Science

Turkey Passes Reforms That Conform To European Union Rules, Including Abolishing Death Penalty

Rumsfeld Continues To Expand His Power As He Pushes For New Intelligence Czar

Rumsfeld Proposes "Aggressive New Tactics" On Terror War

Arab Men Sue American Airlines Over Humiliating Search

IDF Sweeps Into West Bank, Finds Bomb Making Factory

Israeli Probe Reveals "Intelligence Failure"

Palestinian Defiance Over Curfew May Spread

Bush "Furious" Over Campus Bombing

Hamas Agent Planning Bio-Chemical Terror Attack

Israeli Philharmonic Cancels U.S. Tour Amidst Security Concerns

California Teen Kidnap Victim Praises God For Listening To Prayers For Deliverance

Girls Were "Minutes From Death"

Chinese 12-Year-Old Girl MissingFrom Tour Group

Brave New Schools: Flunking Out Of School? Have Your Parents Sue the Teacher!

Brave New Schools: Analysis of Why Johnny Can't Read, Write, or Do Math

Iran Accused of Harboring Al Qaeda

FAA Finally Tightens Foreign Pilot Rules

Pakistani Army, Intelligence Service, Smuggling Nuclear Components and Stinger Missiles For Al Qaeda

"Designer Baby" Stirs Controversy

Mysterious Black Blobs Dot New Jersey City

White House Read This Article On Cutting Edge Yesterday! Written in 1997

Bush Fudges America's Books: Stock Market Now

Controlled By Foreigners

Must Control Enviro-Extremists -- This Article Confirms C/Edge Article Written in 1998

U.N. "Biodiversity Atlas" Details Supposed Impact of Human Beings on Mother Earth



August 2, 2002

Israel prepares for U.S. attack on Iraq

Israeli Tanks, Troops Enter Nablus

Iraq Asks U.N. Inspector For Meeting

Bush, Jordan King Disagree on Iraq

Seven wounded by suicide bomber in Jerusalem's city center

Palestinian defiance of Israeli curfew may spread

Senators Told Attack on Iraq Would Cost Billions, Could Backfire

Palestinians brace for retaliation from Israel

Suit Filed Against Dallas School District Over E-Mail With Religious Content

Teachers are being sued by parents for giving students failing grades

Big Tobacco, Big Money
Critics say lawyers reaped a fortune from historic settlement

Motorola seen promoting homosexuality

Asian Stocks Sent Into a Tailspin

Clinton Scandals Return to Haunt Democrats

September 11 hijacker questioned in January 2001

The United States is calling on Russia to cease its nuclear co-operation with Iran,

Anthrax Investigation Again Leads FBI to Former Army Researcher's Home

NUKE LAVA: Volcano At Yucca Mountain Could Push Radioactive Waste To Surface...

Authorities Probing Unauthorized Shipment of Radioactive Material

Talking Surveillance Cams Coming To LA Neighborhoods

Attorneys Ask Judge to Make Abuse Settlement Deal Binding on Boston Archdiocese

Reasons for Crisis of Faith Are Diverse, Commentators Say


August 1, 2002

Jesus Declared To Not Be Jewish Messiah!

Vatican States That Jesus Is Not The Jewish Messiah and That The Jews Continue To Await Their Messiah!

Analysis of This Momentous Prophetic Occurrence

Iraq "Close To Nuclear Bomb" Goal

Timing, Tactics Dispute Right Now Between Pentagon and White House In Iraq Attack Plans

U.S. Making Serious Mistake In Attacking Iraq: Is August the month Bush attacks?

Iraq's Arsenal Growing Deadlier, Senate Panel Told

Bush Unhappy With Jordan's Ties To Iraq

U.S. Begins Public "Debate" Over Iraq

GOP To Tie Iraq To Need To Drill Oil In Alaska

Americans Skeptical Over Iraq Attack

Iraq Plan Must Be Long Term

Turkey Will Hold New Elections Nov 3, Dealing Blow To Government: Will Iraq attack have to occur before then? Turkey is key to attacking Iraq

U.S. Hunts In Vain For Iraq Ebola Factory

U.K. Army Said Not Ready For Iraq War

Kashmir Muslim Militants Attack VIP Home Enclave, Kill 3, Ongoing Battle

Pakistan Won't Initiate War Against India: Relations at lowest point ever

Alleged Russian Mobster Arrested In Fixing Winter Olympics Ice Figure Skating

Government Loses 12 Times More Money Than Enron, Global Crossing, and all other private companies combined: When government proves inept, it gets bigger budget, more staff, more regulatory power!

Big Drop In Economic Growth

Bush Seeks "Silver Lining" In Economic News

Fires Held Off In Oregon, S. California

Gun Groups Blast Bill That Allows Police, Not Citizens, To Carry Concealed Weapons

Gun Control Results In the U.K.

Senate To Expand Database For Background Checks

Oregon's 140,000 Acre Florence Fire #1 In Nation

Increased Russian Activity At Iran's Nuclear Reactor

Wireless Cloud May Hover Over Your Area Next

Cosmic Rays Said Linked To Global Warming

Greenies Fight Plan To Clear Burned Out Forests

Judge Rebuffs State On Storing Nuclear Waste


Another Atrocious Terror Bombing

Terror Ravages Jerusalem University Cafeteria: "No watertight defense against terrorism, no deterents can avail"

Thousands of Arabs Take to Streets To Joyfully Celebrate Deadly Terrorist Attack - More News

Foreign Students Among Jerusalem Dead

Cellphone Used To Detonate Blast

Eyewitness To Bomb Blast: University was one of places Jews - Arabs could mingle freely

Students Complained of Lapses In Security For 9 Months

Pictures of Atrocity: 3 Americans Die

Jewish Man Found Bound, Shot At Tulkarm

U.S. to Review Israel's Use of Weapons Against Civilian Targets

U.N. Jenin Report Fails To Support Palestinian Claims of Massacre

Hamas Experimenting With Chemical Weapons: This is nothing new, as C/E Article Explains

IAF Prepares Rapid Response To Cafeteria Bombing

Were Jews, Arabs Destined To Hate Each Other? How Britain's anti-Jewish policy kept Jewish state from forming in 1920-1930's that would have saved Jewry from Hitler!

Pope Issues Call For Rights of Indigenous Americans While In Mexico

"Betrayal: Crisis In Catholic Church", by The Boston Globe

Catholicism: Seen Through The Eyes of the Occult

Pope Canonized Juan Diego, First Mexican Indian Saint: Some questioned whether he really existed!

Apostasy of Church Opening The Door To Antichrist 2 Thess 3

Christian Churches Being Highjacked From Within By Various Forms of Paganism

The Apostate Christian Church Video - 2 Tape Set

A Great And Terrible Deception

Catholic Church Leading "Christian" World Into Prophesied Apostasy

Outrage In Scotland As Al Qaeda Urges American Tourists To Be Killed

Will Anti-Gravity Project Mean Free Energy?

Agents Leaving Border Patrol In Droves

Agents Spread Thin On Canadian Border

Evangelical Christian Leaders Urge Support For Palestinian Cause, More Balanced Program




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