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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

November 1-16, 2008


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November 15-16, 2008

World asked to help craft online charter for religious harmony

Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect

Mormons had key role in California gay marriage ban

Russian President Medvedev backs down from missile threat

Cease-fire in Gaza Strip unravels

Falling Gas Prices Buoy Consumer Confidence


Financial New World Order

G-20 Meeting: Shaping a financial new world order

G-20 to Back Stimulus, Smooth Over Regulation Differences

Germany to advocate financial ‘world risk map’

Auto bailout backers offer to cut $25 billion size

Obama Adviser Says Auto Workers Should Take Pay Cuts in Bailout

Bush White House hardens stance on auto loans

Americans Strongly Support Aiding U.S. Automakers

GM Collapse at $200 Billion Would Exceed Bailout Tab

110 U.S. banks have asked for $170B under bailout plan

Obama urges Congress to move on economic rescue plan

Would you pass the Obama Geek Test?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans meeting to counter G-20 summit

Pakistan Agrees to $7.6 Billion IMF Bailout Program

Laid-off Silicon Valley worker kills three: Police report

Presidential Politics

Obama considers Clinton, Richardson as Secretary of State

Obama (and His Neighbors) Adjust to Maximum Security

Diplomats See Risk in Handing Posts to Obama Pals: Could Barack Obama make Oprah Winfrey an ambassador?

Obama taking his presidential addresses to YouTube

Audit: Sharpton campaign owes US nearly $500,000

Russia searches for right tone toward Obama

Republican governors go back to the drawing board

Spotlight On Russia

U.S. missile plan not welcome: France

Russia and EU try to rebuild confidence

Putin's return a step closer after vote to extend presidential term

Russia strikes the wrong note with Obama: May have committed a strategic blunder by making missile threat

Dumb and Dumber: US foreign policy on Russia has vacillated wildly, from indulgence to overt aggression. Will Obama get Russia right?

Russia minister says Moscow against new Iran sanctions - China opposes sanctions too

Islamic rebels move even closer to Somalia's capital


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza explosion kills Palestinian gunman: Palestinians say Air Force strike caused blast that killed gunman

Popular Rrsistance Committee threatens revenge for Gaza attack which the IDF denies carrying out

Abbas, Olmert to discuss Gaza crisis

Hamas wants ‘upgraded lull’

UN closes Gaza aid centers, citing lack of food

Middle Israel: Barack Obama and the decline of America - "Great nations rise and fall not only on their muscles but also on their souls."

A New left-wing political movement to back Meretz for Knesset unveiled



November 14, 2008


G-20 Meeting: Shaping a financial new world order

Stocks stage huge rebound: Dow jumps 553 points

President Bush Signs: Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction

Experts Tell Obama: Don't threaten Iran

Iran not looking to wage war: President Ahmadinejad

Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State?


New Headline News Article

"World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World" -


World Religion Being Born!

UN Holds Interfaith Dialogue

U.N. Faith Forum Denounces Intolerance, Extremism

Bush unexpectedly meets Livni, Peres: At UN Inter-faith Summit

UN General Assembly Concludes Interfaith Dialogue

Original Planning Document: Inter-Religious Peace Summit - Jerusalem 2008

World Economic News

Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar

Auto aid proposal hits GOP roadblock: Stiffening resistance from Republicans

Bush, World Leaders Meet for Global Economic Summit

Asian markets gain as world leaders gather in Washington

Feds Finally Take on Financial Predators

Department of Housing and Urban Development Issues New Consumer Protection Rules on Mortgages

Rattling the Cage: Obama's voodoo economics

Audio CD

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Central Bank Director Fischer rules out heavy gov't intervention

Gaza Violence Continues With Airstrike, Rockets

Air Force Strikes Terrorists in Gaza After Rockets Rain Down on Sderot

Popular Resistance Committees: IDF in panic over our modest rockets

Security warnings prevent transfer of goods to Gaza: Tensions high on Gaza border

Likud Widens Gap over Kadima 33-28, Other Parties Drop

Likud Party primary race set for December 8

Cairo concludes Fatah-Hamas chasm won't end soon

Copying Adolf Hitler's Plan

Emanuel volunteers Americans to do 'a lot': Obama plans for mandatory induction for all young adults into a civilian "force."

Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America: 'Every day brings this nation closer to Nazi-style totalitarian abyss'

Current Cutting Edge Articles

Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 1 - Training a Socialist Army of World Servers"

Obama: “I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States ... this will be a central cause of my presidency."

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned... to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." (Aldous Huxley, 'Brave New World')

"Obama's 'Universal' Service Plan - Part 2

Mind Change and Collective Service"

Jesus was a community organizer." (A visitor's response to "Training an army of world servers")

Presidential Politics

Obama's 'Change' Administration Leans on Clinton Officials for Transition

Another Jew from Clinton Gov't to Join Obama-Biden Team

Obama's pick for White House chief unsettles Arabs: Jewish leader Emanuel

Obama Wins, Muslims Divided: Editorial by Daniel Pipes

Obama's entry shuffles the congressional seats

Biden Meets Cheney at Vice President's Mansion: The outgoing and incoming vice presidents sit down to discuss the handoff of power

Catholic Priest: No communion for Obama supporters - Because of pro-abortion stance

Give public schools a chance: Choosing D.C. system for Obama daughters would boost reform, offer Obama reality check

Pakistan Officials Complain: U.S. Missile Strike Kills 12 People in Northwest

Non-Integrating States News: Iran (Ancient Persia)

World Power Meeting Yields No Breakthrough on Iran Nuclear Issue

Turkey Offers to Mediate US-Iran Talks

ElBaradei Welcomes Obama Iran Pledge To Negotiate

Iran Criticizes Obama for Comment on Nuclear Program


November 13, 2008


New Headline News Article

"World War I Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) - History's Greatest Single Proof That International Conspiracy Is Ruling The Modern World" -


Today's News


Government-Controlled Global Economy

U.S. Shifts Focus in Credit Bailout to the Consumer: Treasury will create new loan program, bypassing banks, loaning directly to consumer

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie

Obama calls for stimulus package: Pledges to take economy 'head on' once in office

Obama Stresses Importance To Bush of Aiding US Automakers

President-elect says the jobs package needs to pass 'sooner rather than later'

Obama: Economy is the priority

Refinancing risk, opportunity loom in Asia in 2009

Oil falls to 22-month low - Nowe $55 barrel

World Bank Slashes Economic Growth Forecast

Global Economic Leaders Prepare for Washington Summit: G-20 Nations

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Presidential Politics

One president at a time puts Obama on sideline

Americans OK with one-party rule

The Obama Transition: What Will Change Look Like

World leaders reach out to Obama team

How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power

Fox's Chris Wallace: Obama to be cautious, deliberate

History will judge both Bush, Obama

Bush Executive Orders under review

Chinese President Hu, Obama discuss ties

Much Of Arab World Rejoices Over Obama Election

Palin and the GOP looking to the future: Republicans seek a fresh direction

Republican Governors brainstorm GOP comeback

Sarah Palin gets cold reception in Sunshine State GOP governor's gathering

Protest in LA Gay district: Protesting voter-approved ballot measure that bans same-sex marriage in California

Gay activists rally outside Mormon temple in NYC

Gay Marriages Begin in Connecticut

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan Suicide Bomber Kills 18 Civilians, U.S. Soldier

Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Pakistan ambush

US: Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe

Experts: 'New' Iranian missile an old one

Russia rejects U.S. missile proposals


Israeli - Palestinian War

President Peres lauds Saudi King peace plan

Israel delays Gaza aid supplies - Because of rocket fire

Palestinian Leader Fayad: J'lem holy to Islam, Christianity - Neglects to mention Judaism!

Foreign reporters furious over Gaza ban

The Gaza 'siege': Problems mostly self-inflicted

Embarrassing blow to Likud: Jerusalem election results a blow to Likud Party

Police Question Olmert for 10th Time on Friday

UN Holds Interfaith Dialogue

U.N. Faith Forum Denounces Intolerance, Extremism

Attacks in Iraq Leave 26 Dead


November 12, 2008


Obama's Afghan War Plans May Run Into Weary Public, Deficits

Get out or face 'shame,' Taliban warns President-elect Obama

1 million may attend Obama's inaugural

Can Europe produce an Obama?

Catholic bishops warn Obama they'll fight abortion

Israel blocks foreign media from Gaza

Turnout is huge for stirring NYC Veterans Day Parade



Controlled Fascist Economy News

GM Judged "Too Big to Fail" as Pelosi Embraces Rescue

GM may up stake in thriving Chinese joint venture

Bush administration still working on $700B rescue

US May Lose Its 'AAA' Rating

Bonuses for Wall Street Should Go to Zero, U.S. Taxpayers Say

Fannie, Freddie Boost Effort to Minimize Foreclosures

Stocks Drop After New Loan Aid Plan

Fed Said to Seek Lead on Regulating Credit-Swap Clearinghouse

New AIG Rescue Is Bank Blessing: Buyers of Insurer's Default Swaps Would Recover Most of Their Money

AP Poll: Public seems willing to wait on tax cuts - Until economy is fixed

AmEx Said to Request $3.5 Billion in U.S. Aid

Surviving economic difficulties during the reign of Obama

London fundraisers linked to stoning of 13-year-old: Girl who tells Shariah court of rape is convicted, executed for 'adultery'

Presidential Politics

Obama gets his first "Threat Briefing" as he gets ready to replace Bush

Tensions underneath friendly first meeting: Obama wants more auto aid, Bush wants Colombia deal

Obama team pledges openness

Obama wants Lieberman to stay with Senate Democrats: Not interested in seeing Democrats oust Connecticut Sen. Lieberman over his endorsement of Rep McCain

Analysis: On the way out, it's Bush the statesman - Wants to end his term gracefully

Obama inaugural tickets: Hot hot, hot

Communist Party ecstatic over '08 election results: Voice of Marxism announces 'hard work is just beginning'

John McCain: No 2012 White House run

McCain Tells Leno: 'I couldn't be happier with Sarah Palin'

Sarah Palin Once Was a TV Anchor - But Does She Have a Future in TV?

India reels over Obama's silence


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israelis, Palestinians exchange gunfire in Gaza

Cabinet rejects extra Gaza belt funding: To build fortified houses in the "belt area" most vulnerable to terrorist rocket attacks

Major parties declare election victories: Kadima boasted 33 mayors directly affiliated with the party

Secular residents enthusiastic about vote results

Abbas challenges Hamas to referendum

President Peres attends rare dinner with Arab leaders

Is Bibi imitating Obama? Upgraded Netanyahu website suspiciously similar to Barack Obama's website

Obama’s Choice of Words: Obama’s declaration during victory speech may bode well for Israel

Hamas Claims Secret Relationship with Obama Aides

'Jews Around the Next President'

Iran says it test-fired new missile

Saudis step into Pakistan's quagmire: To help Washington prop up pro-Western government

Strolling Out of Iraq: All gearing up for an honorable and swift US exit

The inevitability of a nuclear Iran

Lesbians, condoms go wild in attack on Christian church: Making out at pulpit, shouting blasphemies in front of children



November 11, 2008


Armistice Day - 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month

Veterans Day 2008: America takes a day to honor the troops and the values they fight to defend

British Field Marshal Douglas Haig would have let Germany win World War I

Today's News

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship

Bush handing over power to Obama with grace

Council on Foreign Relations president predicts coups, genocide and terrorism to test Obama

Similar Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours

Massive Agenda disappears from Obama Web site

Obama's advisers met with Hamas: Prior to election!

Hadron Collider: $8 billion, modern-day Tower of Babel?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Former President Carter: Arafat fought for just causes

Hamas bans Arafat memorial in Gaza

Archives: Arafat Proven To Be: 1) Not An Arab; 2) A Flaming Homosexual; 3) Tool of the Russian KGB

Arafat Constantly Flashed Illuminati Hand Signals: Pages 67, 148, 391, 438, 441, 450, 455, 509, 529 - Codex Magica Book

PM Olmert Reiterates: Israel must cede parts of Jerusalem for peace

PM Olmert: Oslo direction was right

FM Livni dismisses Olmert's call for return to 1967 borders

Security Chief Used Poll to Charge 'Next Assassination is Near' - Charges that "Right-wing Extremists" planning another assassination

The Bizarre Race to Be Jerusalem's Mayor

Jerusalem mayoral race hailed turning point

Rice to pin down Israeli “concessions” for Obama team

Vice Premier Proposes: IDF should shell villages which are launching sites for terror rockets

Quartet Presses, Israel Renews Fuel Supplies to Gaza

Defense Minister Barak concerned over new left-wing movement

Presidential Politics

Bush, Obama discuss economy, foreign policy

Obama plans US terror trials to replace Guantanamo

Hot demand for (invisible) Obama inaugural tickets

In key states, Latino vote fueled Obama's victory

Obama-Clinton soap opera takes new turn

Hamas Claims Secret Relationship with Obama Aides

Will Obama inspire Jewish pride? Jewish Journalist

Israeli Commentary: A letter to the president-elect

Obama, please neglect us: Bush’s, Clinton’s involvement in Israeli affairs only brought negative results - Jewish Commentary

Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger

Palin puzzled by late-campaign focus on wardrobe

Palin: God May Lead Me To Top Job in 2012

Palin says she'll 'plow through the door' if there's an opening in 2012 or beyond

No joke: Minnesota Senate race is soooo ugly ...


Fascist Economy Taking Shape

American Express Wins Fed Approval to Become Bank

Federal Reserve refusing to identify recipients of $2 trillion of emergency loans from American taxpayers or the troubled assets the central bank is accepting as collateral

Remembering Bernanke's Remarks on 9/24 About "Need For Transparency"

Revised AIG Terms Begin Treasury Transfusions to 'Zombie' Firms: First time cash from the rescue fund Congress created last month has been committed to a failing company

AIG Leads Insurance Losses as Global Tally Nears $1 Trillion

G20 meeting ends with pledges to tackle global financial meltdown

Final Chapter For Circuit City? Filed for bankruptcy protection Monday - considering all options to restructure

Why Circuit City Busted, While Best Buy Boomed

General Motors shares driven down on forecast they could soon be worthless

Democrats ask to add carmakers to government bailout

Democratic legislators ask California Supreme Court to void Prop. 8: Contend that a ban on gay marriage can only be done by a revision of the state Constitution involving the Legislature

California Governor Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: "Don't give up"

Non-Integrating States News: Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Ancient Babylon ‘will never recover from Iraq war’: Too much irreplaceable artifacts were destroyed

Baghdad market blasts kill 28 in deadliest recent attack: Triple bombing kills women, schoolgirls

Girl of 13 becomes youngest suicide bomber in day of carnage

Bombings raise spectre of al-Qaeda

In Baghdad, Blasts from the Past

Date set for Iraq provincial election: January 31

How ready is Iraq for Obama plan?

Iraqi forces prepare to take control

Iraq begins paying fighters from 'Awakening Groups'

Iraq: US pact changes not enough

Afghanistan: Captured battle plan shows strength and training of Taleban forces

Lebanon: Russia To Sell Heavy Weaponry To Lebanese Government

Syria: Uranium traces found at bombed Syrian site

November 10, 2008


G-20 Says It's Ready to Urgently Boost Growth, Stimulus Needed

Global Stocks, U.S. Futures Rise on China Stimulus

Bush’s Legacy: War & the Fall of America - Freemasons slam Bush!

Elite combat brigade for Homeland Security missions raises ire of ACLU

Military command casts broad net with Homeland Security operations

Bush Secret order allows U.S. raids abroad: Using Special Ops Soldiers

Moral Collapse

Transgender man elected mayor of Silverton

Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in period drama


Economic News

China proposes huge economic-stimulus plan

Global stocks soar on China stimulus

Wall Street set for a boost

Stunned Icelanders Struggle After Economy’s Fall

Bankers still do not have a shred of decency

AIG May Get Expanded Government Funds of $150 Billion

Taxing our gas guzzling relapse

Presidential Politics News

Illuminati Bankers and academics at top of Obama's donor list

The day the White House opens its doors to its first black incumbent: Bush and Obama to meet today

Obama will move to veto Bush lawsPresident-elect to use special powers on stem cell and oil drilling policies

Yet another controversial Obama appointment: Sonal Shah has been part of group believed to have been involved in massacre of Muslims in Gujarat and carrying out sustained campaign against Indian Christians in Orissa

Who should rock Barack? At Inauguration

The night Oprah wept

Oprah 'Unleashed' After Her Candidate's Win

George W Bush sheds a farewell tear – but who was he crying for?

Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other

Why McCain Lost - Editorial by Michael Reagan - "Finally, the coup de grace was Dick Cheney's endorsement of John McCain in the waning days of the campaign, which gave Barack Obama the final nail to put in the coffin of McCain's campaign, which was striving mightily to distance him from the Bush administration"

Russia sees hope of missile progress with Obama

Living on the frontline of the new cold war

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

Rice nears end of plodding push for Mideast peace

November 8-9, 2008


New Headline News Article

Surprise! Surprise! Many of President Obama's Policies Will Be IDENTICAL To Bush's!

There is truly "not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties"!

Conservatives elected George W. Bush in 2000, but got the policies of Al Gore! Likewise, Liberals elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, but will get the policies of Bush! -

Today's News

Democrat Congressional leaders want Bush to help ailing automakers

Latvian government takes over major bank

Conservatives Lost More Than An Election - Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Lesson for the GOP: 'Conservative' Isn't Just 'Religious Right'

Obama and our coming constitutional crisis

Obama: 'We have to act swiftly' on economy

Hamas Changes its Tune, Ready to Meet with Obama

Assemblies of God General Superintendent Calls for Christians to Submit to Government

Gay marriage supporters take to California streets

U.S. review likely to say Afghanistan situation 'dire'


Political News

Obama Vows Quick Action on Economy Upon Taking Office

Hiring Emanuel shows Obama's hand - If you hire a shark, does that make you a shark?

Obama's chief a closet hawk? Emanuel's support of Israel, Iraq war could generate White House tension

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

Transition timetable for Obama

Obama’s team is the key

Obama borrows from Clinton in assembling team

Bush, Obama to Meet as Rhetoric Cools

Obama: with election over, U.S. must work together

'Mutts like me' - Obama shows ease discussing race

Thy kingdom come' through Obama

Arabs happy Obama won... and that Bush's man lost

Gore sees transformative power of Web in politics

Amnesty International urges Obama to lift Cuba embargo

Obama: The scent of hope - Israeli perspective

Key races remain uncalled

Palin fires back at leaks questioning her smarts

GOP maintains grip on South, but at what cost?


Economic News

G-20 Urges Stimulus to Ease Impact of Global Slump

GM grapples to avoid filing bankruptcy as cash vanishes: 77 years the world's largest automaker

President and CEO Mulally's memo to Ford employees: No pay increases or bonuses in 2009

Mulally expects Ford to burn less cash after 3rd quarter's $7.7 billion

Treasury, Congress, Clash On Forcing Banks To Lend

Wall St jumps on bargain hunting in volatile week

U.S. jobs data poor but shares stay up

Saudi Aramco Says Crude Oil Price Falls May Curb Investment

China's Economic Growth May Slump

Non-Integrating States News: Pakistan

U.S. Drone Airstrike kills 13 in Pakistan

Pakistan Condemns Suspected U.S. Missile Strike

Pakistan Cautions: US raids self-defeating

Militants in Pakistan kill 2 alleged US spies

Head of US Central Command General Petraeus hears strikes criticism as he arrives in Pakistan


Non-Integrating States News: Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran to Obama: Show clear sign of change

Obama to Iran: Iran must stop aiding terror groups - "nuclear-armed Iran would be "unacceptable"

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: All options open regarding Iran

Israeli FM Livni Issues First Polite Warning to Obama: Not to open dialogue with Iran

Israeli - Palestinian War

Secretary Rice visits Jenin in show of support for PA security efforts

Rice: Annapolis is vital and vibrant, will eventually lead to a Palestinian State

IDF operating in southern Gaza

Terror Rocket Attacks on W. Negev Continue, Gaza Crossings Closed

Exploratory drilling for oil in Judean Desert passes final hurdle: there could be as much as 6.5 million barrels' worth

PM Olmert congratulates Obama on election win

London University event likens Gaza to Ghetto

Strong Opposition to Gov't Plan to Destroy Community of Migron

Jewish Temples never existed, says top Palestinian negotiator

Israel sets new rules on Lebanon targets: In any future conflict with Hizbullah, IDF would target entire Lebanese infrastructure

Hurricane Paloma strengthens to Category 4, heads toward Cuba

Ex-Trader Key Voted In As New Zealand Premier; Clark Quits

Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice McGregor: Quit saying 'illegal aliens'


November 7, 2008


Zero Interest Rate World May Lie Ahead

Gays find victory falls short: Gay supporters of Obama glum

Obama prepares for presidency as electoral, Senate margins widen

Obama faces a difficult choice for Treasury secretary

Obama calls world leaders

Sarah Palin returns to a chillier Alaska

President-elect Obama News

Transition plays hardball with Emanuel, Gibbs on board: Pair of tough political players sends no-nonsense message from president-elect

Obama's new chief of staff is a skilled tactician

Hillary Clinton: Obama made good choice for chief of staff

Emanuel pick gets mixed reaction: They're "setting up a good cop/bad cop routine"

Obama’s Chief of Staff Pick Took Campaign Contributions from Wall Street

`Absolute Enforcer' Emanuel Has Big Role in Obama's White House - Chief of Staff, the Gatekeeper to the President

Debate opens on Obama's mandate

Big names on Obama's short list for HHS secretary

Obama’s Tax Plan Won’t Hurt Small Businesses: Democratic Leaders insist

Obama, McCain campaigns' computers hacked for policy data by 'foreign entity'

Republican Political News

Palin Gone: Anything but forgotten

Internal Battles Divided McCain and Palin Camps

A Role For McCain

In End, McCain Played to the GOP

Prop. 8 foes concede defeat, vow to fight on: Pinning their hopes on a legal challenge to the statewide initiative blocking gay marriage

2,000 gather in SF for same-sex marriage vigil

Governor Schwarzenegger: Tax hikes, spending cuts to fix budget


Severely Regulated Fascist Economy Taking Shape

Zero Interest Rate World May Lie Ahead

European Stocks, U.S. Index Futures Advance

Struggling US automakers ask Washington for more help



November 6, 2008


Blacks see Obama victory ushering in era of equality

Victorious Obama Begins Assembling White House Team

Obama Won't Attack Iran

Obama: Victory warmly welcomed in Iran

Democrats, Republicans still await final count in Senate

Bush's Third Term

Anti-China protests bring Taiwan's capital to standstill

Oil prices fall below $65 in Asia

No sign of foul play found in Mexico plane crash of country's Interior Minister

Presidential Campaign Aftermath

Election night draws record viewership: Networks and cable channels were watched by 71 million

Democrat News

Extra! Extra! Barack Obama's election win sends newspaper sales soaring: People want to own the 'physical record of history being made'

Michelle Obama: a new type of First Lady

All-Business Obama Begins Transition To White House

Several Early Choices for New Administration Have Clinton Pedigree

Obama considers Geithner, Summers, Volcker for Treasury

Obama names Rahm Emanuel chief of staff

Rahm Emanuel likely to accept Obama job of White House Chief of Staff

Aide to Rahm Emanuel: Obama is pro-Israel

Intense glare following Obama transition steps

Obama’s team is the key: US president-elect's aides, advisors will likely have most prominent effect on his policies

Europe, too, celebrates Obama's win

Even with mandate, Obama faces health care pain

What Obama's Health Care Plan Means For You

Backstage at Chicago after Obama win: "Foreign policy hasn't changed on Israel since 1948 - "Obama is without a doubt committed to Israeli security"

Democrats gain sixth new U.S. Senate seat

Republican News

McCain retreats with Cindy to Arizona ranch; retirement is out

GOP in dire straits

After loss, McCain aide Salter 'at ease'

Tensions between McCain and Palin camps come to light

History suggests Palin's political future is dim

A word of advice from Dan Quayle

For GOP, Boehner and chaos remain


Gay Movement In The News

California voters approve constitutional ban on same-sex marriage: Opponents refuse to concede defeat

Civil rights groups challenge California's Prop 8 in court

Gay couples disappointed by marriage ban

Black and Latino voters critical to same-sex marriage ban's success

Florida, Arizona & California ban gay marriage, as vote count on Ca.'s Proposition 8 finalized


Controlled Fascist Economy Coming

Rate cuts expected from Bank of England, European Central Bank

Bush signs $25B auto loan bill: Part of $634B spending package

Bill adds plug-in tax breaks: $1 billion in tax breaks for plug-in electric vehicles to a $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill

DOE sets auto loan rules: U.S. department says funding to aid automakers' fuel-efficient vehicles could be issued before Dec. 31 - unveiled interim rules to oversee its $25 billion auto loan program

Congress weighs more aid for Big 3 automakers

Big 3, UAW ask for health trust help

Cancer genetic blueprint revealed

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli lawmakers congratulate Obama

Obama will be a great friend to Israel

Livni: There's no real difference between Bush, Obama on Iran

Only an Arab PM could be seen as an Israeli Obama': Is there an Israeli parallel to a young, charismatic leader who will surprise everyone?

Labor, Kadima: Bibi can't be Obama's counterpart

Rice to ME as peace deadline looms: Fighting irrelevance and a ticking clock

IAF kills terrorist in Gaza airstrike

Peres, Livni to represent Israel at UN interfaith forum

Hamas Siege on Gaza: 'Charities' Teach Children to Kill Jews

Every Woman Who Heard the News was Totally Shocked: Protesting the police humiliation of Elisheva Federman

Non-Integrating States News: Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

US to remove 1 extra brigade from Iraq in November

Iraq: US responds to security pact proposals

Twin roadside bombs strike Baghdad

Provinces in Iraq face different challenges

Iraqis receive US election news with cautious optimism

Kurds seen behind attacks on Christians in Mosul

Non-Integrating States News" Pakistan

Bomb strikes meeting of Pashtun leaders in Pakistan: At least seven people were killed and 30 others were wounded

Saudis 'positive' on aid for Islamabad

Pakistani Taliban release abducted schoolboys unharmed


November 5


California voters approve Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriages

House Dems win their biggest majority in 15 years

Elizabeth Dole Among Losers as Democrats Gain in Senate

Democrats win big prizes in state legislatures

World leaders' quotes on Obama election win

Bush Gushes: Obama's election shows 'promise of our nation'

Recount likely in Minnesota U.S. Senate race

Iraq confident Obama won't withdraw troops too quickly

Wash. voters approve assisted suicide initiative


Today's News

Obama Wins! Becomes 44th President, First Black President

McCain concedes, acknowledges historic achievement

Election Results - Interactive Map

America Turns Left

Democratic majorities stronger, tougher

Obama wins, says "change has come to America"

How U.S. stock sectors could fare in an Obama administration

The 'Rest of the Story' - Election Results

"Yes we can": Obama's victory speech

Bush calls Obama to congratulate him on win

McCain vows to help Obama

Black Americans celebrate Obama's victory

Obama supporters celebrate: 'Yes we did!'

Kenya: 'We Are Ready to Take White House,' Sing Kenyans

Obama ran almost flawless campaign, experts agree

Obama in driver's seat - rough road ahead: "Voters gave Democrats the keys to the car"

Exit poll: 78% of Jews voted for Obama

Few changes likely during transition between Bush and Obama

Obama mentor: Barack has a 'yiddishe nishama' - ""Barack will be the first Jewish president in the US."

Arabs waiting for Obama

Bush's Final Gift to McCain: Electoral Defeat

Economic Market Was McCain’s Waterloo

GOP set for fight over its future, analysts say

'End of a long journey' for McCain

His own missteps worked against McCain: Gracious in defeat, the Republican presidential candidate delivers a remarkably conciliatory concession speech

McCain's Campaign Derailed by Market, Missteps, Embrace of Bush

Inquest begins as McCain acknowledges scale of defeat

Calif. rejects clean power initiative

California Gay marriage ban leading: Possible passage of Prop.8 throws thousands of same-sex unions into doubt


Market Reaction To Obama's Victory

Wall Street and Obama: Investors, for now, aren't unhappy that the Democrat won

Obama's challenge: fix economy, save world

Obama May Not Wait for Inauguration to Put His Stamp on Economy

Obama and Your Retirement

Asian stock markets rise as US elects Obama

Obama victory helps unions, auto companies

Oil slides below $69

Japan Stocks Extend Rally on Obama Victory, Commodity Gains

For the Dow, it's the best election day ever

Stocks surge as investors anticipate yearend rally

History on how presidential elections affect stock markets

Plane crash leaves Mexico interior secretary dead: One of Mexico's top pointmen in the war against drug trafficking


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF leaves Gaza after operation, 6 gunmen killed

More than 35 Qassams, mortars fired at Israel

Israel: We are committed to cease-fire with Hamas

Secretary Rice may submit paper for Mideast peace

Pro-Obama in West Bank's 'Little America'

Hamas Planning Large-Scale Attacks Against Israeli Jews

Israeli Court frowns on villagers' demand that barrier be moved to Green Line

Likud's Netanyahu, Begin present united front

Abbas Expects 'Change'; Hamas: 'Learn from Bush's Mistakes'

Hizbullah: We don't have to accept the Blue Line - the UN-demarcated Blue Line between Lebanon and Israel






November 4, 2008


Breaking News

Obama Wins Vermont, McCain Wins Kentucky

Obama wins slew of states, McCain wins 2 - McCain wins South Carolina

Voters 'surprised,' 'excited' on historic election day

Euphoria on Election Day as Dow Jumps 300

Toledo Police Issued Riot Gear

McCain campaign sues over overseas military ballots

Networks may call election before some polls close

Can Obama win popular vote but lose election?

Today's News

Obama's Secret Declaration to Palestinian's Abbas: I Support Dividing Jerusalem

Obama Flips Off McCain: Shocking Video

British PM Brown says next US president key to world economy

French prime minister threatens to NATIONALIZE loan-wary banks

EU Recession Paves Way for Greater European Central Bank Influence

Commodity Prices Sinking to 52-Year Low

Middle East message to the new American leader

Iran's Ahmadinejad said World's "worn-out systems" should be replaced

Teens who watch "Sex in the City" are more likely to get pregnant


Election 2008

Voting begins in historic US poll - Obama defeated his rival by 15 votes to six in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

Record numbers of voters expected across United States

Marathon race ends with final sprint in a changing landscape

America is jittery as election's outcome draws near

Media sweats over Exit Poll accuracy: Surveys could be skewed because of overstated support for Barack Obama

The 'Bradley effect' myth: Has racism skewed the poll results in the McCain-Obama race, as it supposedly did in 1982? Not likely

Pay attention to these states during tonight's returns

Two years and $2.5B later, voters take charge; Obama says he's cautious

Amid grief for his grandmother, Obama presses on: Madelyn Dunham - Royal Genealogy That Has Made Him A Presidential Candidate

Governor Palin didn't breach ethics laws in firing, report says

Palin back to basics on image, economy

Again, Florida could be won by a handful of votes

Surge in New York black, Hispanic voters

Democrats head for bigger U.S. House majority

Obama will win the Jewish vote: Experts believe

Obama voiced support for Palestinians' right to Jerusalem

What you don't know about Barack Obama: Black liberation theology, birthplace, religion

2 socialists for price of 1? Michelle Obama's 'give up piece of pie' remark invokes specter of Marxism

Obama to kill coal? Swing states erupt: McCain, Palin attack Democrat over threat to 'bankrupt' industry

Book: The Bible Says 'Vote Conservative'

The Greatest US Presidents

Questions raised over Syrian complicity in US raid: Syria has denounced a US strike on its territory but sources say Damascus secretly backed the raid


Transition From Capitalist To Fascist Economy

French prime minister threatens to NATIONALIZE loan-wary banks

Toyota, Nissan Lead Japan Sales Drop as Growth Slows

U.S. monthly sales of new vehicles at 25-year low: With automakers reeling, October statistics back up urgency for Federal aid

Auto parts industry also seeks U.S. loans: They also ask administration to hasten the retooling aid

Government Won’t Extend $700 Billion Bailout Plan to U.S. “Big Three”

Lower gas prices don't alleviate auto industry's pain

Battered Circuit City Closing 155 Stores, Scraping for Capital

In this economy, even sex doesn't sell: Nevada's Brothels hurting for sales

Several minor earthquakes hit Dallas area

Indonesia Tense as Bali Bombers’ Executions Approach

U.S. Embassy In Indonesia Receives Bomb Threat

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas lawmakers invited to visit EU HQ

FM Livni: Elections about voting for peace

Kadima Party resolves Mofaz dispute: Will be #2 on election ballot - preserves Kadima's "Centrist Party" position

Rabin's son considers voting for Netanyahu

Olmert prefers Netanyahu: PM despises Barak, unimpressed with Livni, has some respect for Bibi

An Israeli connection in an Obama West Wing?

Israel's UN ambassador warns of 2nd Holocaust

MK Porush Predicts: Not a Single Secular Mayor Will Be Left in 15 Years

Three National Religious Parties Unite Into One

U.S. partner' firing rockets at Jewish homes

Turkey Promises to Play Role in Stopping US Attacks Into Pakistan

Gunmen kill Mexican police chief in border city

North Korea Building New Missile Launch Site



November 3, 2008


Obama leads McCain in 6 of 8 key states

Obama lead over McCain narrows to 8 points: Poll

Zogby: Obama in a very strong position to be elected President

Michelle on Obama's confidence: "He thinks he can really do anything — With his own power and will"

In Bush's end-game, lots of changes on environment

Facing the Music: CIA and British Agents May Face Prosecution for Allegations of Torture

Oil reserve expert claims world faces ‘oversupply of energy’ problem

Mexican Troops Arrested After Crossing Into U. S.

Israel's talks with Syria meant to pressure Iran

Presidential Politics

Doubts persist about Obama birth certificate: Considerable evidence still points to candidate's birth in Kenya

Media sweats over exit poll accuracy: Election Day surveys could be skewed because of overstated support for Obama

Clues to election result could come early

Economic message buoys Obama

In Ohio, Obama's ground game outguns McCain's

Obama is upbeat -- but still cautious

For some white voters, Obama's race is seen as a 'bonus'

Obama's aunt living in U.S. illegally: 56-year-old residing in Boston slum ignored judge's order 4 years ago

Feds investigating leak about Obama's aunt

Obama gaining ground among Jews

McCain battles on others' terms

Last-minute TV ad stars Rev. Wright

Lebanon's Dual Citizens Overwhelmingly Vote for Obama: "Obama's father is Muslim and black"

Romney racing across the country for McCain

Obama, McCain: Saint or narcissist?

Palin advises Tina Fey to keep the 'Sarah outfit'

Israel irrelevant in campaign - as it should be

Note to Dems: Why McCain wins in Israel

The Bible Says 'Vote Conservative': Jewish Editorial

DVD - Book

All The Kings Men Stand Hand in Hand

"At least 34 of the First 43 Presidents have been related to Englands King Alfred the Great (849-899) and Charlemagne (742-814), The famous Monarch of France. 19 Presidents are also related to England's king Edward III (1312-1377), who has a thousand blood Connections to Prince Charles."

"The Presidential Candidate with the Greatest number of Royal Genes has Always been the Victor, Without exception, since George Washington."

"The United States has never been free of control from London. Indeed, it was the creation of London. Britain and the British Crown has always owned, yes owned the United States."

Related Archived Articles

"Obama and McCain Are 22nd Cousins of King Edward I of England!"

Role of Secret Societies In Bringing Forth Coveted New World Order


Global Crisis = Global Economy

The Fed as a Central Bank to the world

World's first globally coordinated rate cuts

IMF works fast to dole out money around the world

IMF needs hundreds of billions of dollars more: British PM Brown

Iran asks Brazil for help to create “new” global system

Once in 100 years’ stimulus package

President Chavez To Seize Banks If Finance Crisis Reaches Venezuela

Jamaica may suffer ... If US lifts Cuban embargo

Arab Gulf Citizens Beg for Bailout as Stock Rout Signals End of Boom

India, China Step Up Protection From Global Crisis

Drought land 'will be abandoned': Climate change will cause 'economic deserts' even in rich countries, warns UN environment chief

No more US attacks to be tolerated: Pakistan People's Party

9 killed in suicide attack on Mardan Inspector General’s convoy


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas: Peace agreement is not possible by the end of the year

Fire in Hebron: Jewish Rightists burn Palestinian flag

PM Olmert Plans Golan Giveaway in Talks with Syria

Likud MK petitions High Court: Order Olmert to end peace talks

Olmert alive and kicking: Strangely enough, PM Olmert became Israel’s strongest politician this past week

Peres Center uses creative conduit to summon peace with Palestinians

Syria FM Warns: US may face 'painful' response from its special forces attack on her soil



November 1-2, 2008


Obama leads McCain by 6 points

History's Edge: Obama leads in most polls 2 days before the election, but a resolute McCain insists 'we're coming back'

Zogby Poll: One Day Is Not A Trend: Obama Holds His Lead

Rare flash of anger from Obama on Halloween night

Love her or hate her, Palin is GOP's lightning rod

Voters may add $66 billion of government debt

More Syrian Troops Deploy Along Lebanese Border

US Presidential Election Spurs Global Interest

Right-wing radio hosts bracing for Barack Obama victory

Americans Split on "Redistributing Wealth" by Taxing the Rich

California Same-sex couples rush to marry before election day

Russia Urges Global Financial Reform

Oil notches record monthly drop - 32% drop

Presidential Politics

Bush's booby traps for Obama

Obama vs. McCain: Key Indicators in the Final Days

Obama, McCain make final pitches on radio

Campaign '08 nears its cliffhanger conclusion

Both McCain, Obama Cite Economy's Decline to Boost Their Arguments

Blacks Appear Poised for High Turnout

McCain, Obama dash across Bush states

Billionaires put their agendas to a vote

Democrat Politics

Poll predicts Obama landslide in California

Obama Repeats a Campaign Staple: Time for Change

Obama slams Bush for ruining the country

In the South, McCain and Obama spar over taxes

Obama Retains Slight Edge Over McCain on Taxes: Americans still more likely to say Obama will increase taxes

Awash in cash, Obama's ad blitz spreads to Arizona

Al Gore campaigns for Obama in Florida

Barack Obama And The Caribbean: Support levels hover at 90%

Republican Politics

McCain Works to Close Gap in US Presidential Race

Team McCain says numbers add up to election upset

McCain vows to shift from Bush's economic policies

George W. Bush, like ghost of elections past, haunts campaign trail

Schwarzenegger campaigns in Ohio for McCain

McCain to appear on "Saturday Night Live"

Palin rocks York crowd: Thousands turn out in Pa. for John McCain's running mate


Non-Integrating States News: Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

US's Syrian raid sets Iraq on fire

Iraq sends extra police to Syrian border

Iraq violence kills 317 in October: Down 28% from September

US: Militants Blow Up Baghdad Water Line

Red Cross: Millions of Iraqis at Risk From Polluted Water

US Commander Develops Regional Transition Task Force in Iraq



Global Crisis = Global Economy

Killer touch for market capitalism

Archives: Financial Coup Completed - Capitalism is DEAD in America - Fascist Economy is now a reality

India Unexpectedly Cut Interest Rates to Spur Growth

Florida's Freedom Bank Is 17th in U.S. to Be Siezed by Government Regulators This Year

Massive Effort to Save Mortgages - JP Morgan

U.S. Stocks Advance After JPMorgan Takes Steps to Ease Crisis

US Stocks Seen Returning To Normal Values: Video

Feds Bernanke Urges Government `Backstop' for Mortgage-Bond Market

Guggenheim Fund Seeking $300 Million of New Equity

Air Cars: Cheap and on the horizon


Israeli - Palestinian War

FM Livni Vows: No Syria talks before elections

EU urges Israel to curb settler violence

Egyptian police find 8 missiles in Sinai

Lebanon uncovers espionage ring working for Israel

Lebanon Complains: 12 Israeli jets flew over country

Arab Politicians Create New Party

US will continue to lead: Despite financial crisis, no state currently able to match American dominance

India has 174 terror groups, Manipur alone has 40


Non-Integrating States News: Iran (Ancient Persia)

Pentagon Official Warns: Iran will soon have ability to attack Europe

Archived Headline News Article: "Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

The next president and Bush's incoherent 'war on terror'

Afghanistan: 'We're not going to win this war'





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